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If you're ready to take your surveillance system to the next level, we have the solution

Development with privacy in mind

Our customers don't want a backdoor into their system, and neither do we.

Saving agents time every day

Saving time for your agents means saving money for you

We’re listening to your needs

A specific need? We implement it for you

Self hosted for your privacy

There's no better way to protect your data than to keep it at home.

A mapping solution

We have 2D/3D/Satellite mapping, accompanied by a comprehensive monitoring system.

Effortlessly integrate devices, I/O sensors, Soft Triggers, customize camera views, and assign distinct colors, all while seamlessly incorporating other maps for streamlined navigation within a unified interface, enhancing convenience

This integration will include alerts to ensure a proactive approach.

Play Video How Navicops Works

A single dashboard

We have developed a dedicated device display dashboard and a web page for managing other systems. These additions provide intuitive control and comprehensive management options

Widget supervision solution

Our supervision system designed to continuously monitor the status of your server and all connected devices.
Add Widget and gain comprehensive insights into the overall status of your installation through detailed reports and monitoring updates. Stay informed and ensure optimal performance.

Tons of other features to make everyday life easier

Navicops is a comprehensive software package designed for management, supervision, and mapping purposes.

You have the ability to create intelligent maps using various elements such as images, PDFs, and satellite maps

Navicops allows you to oversee your IP devices and ensure the stability of your installation.

  • Multi-level maps
  • Advanced supervision system for IoT
  • API System
  • Multi-language
  • Event alarm on-map
  • Import map from PDF/Image
  • Use GeoJSON & KML
  • Camera Nearby (Easily navigate to a nearby camera)

  • Activate I/O Device on-map

  • Activate SoftTriggers

There's only one thing left to do to adopt this solution

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